STORM magazine / MedChip config builder

This page creates a downloadable .hex file which can be written to a STORM Magazine or Med-Chip via a PIC Programmer

Set the options in the column you want to use - you can set both sides if you wish and generate a composite file - the medchip options are ignored by guns and vice versa - Then hit the "Generate Hex" button

Weapon Magazine Medchip

Effect Type Damage Heal Effect Type Damage Heal
Stun Modifier Stun Modifier
Effect Points Effect Points
Group Group
Enhance Effect (e.g. Armour Piercing) Enhance effect (e.g. Boost hits over base)
On-going Effect
no effect for stun shots
On-going Effect
If healing this will clear the effects of ongoing damage
clear 1 will clear all, clear 10 will clear 10,60
clear 60 will clear 60
   Randomise Healing Result
   Bonus added to random result
   Randomise Healing Delay
Time before hits restored
only applies to healing shots
Time before hits restored
no effect if not healing

Initial Ammunition
0..251 - 251 sets unlimited mode
Initial Number of Uses
Maximum Ammunition
0..251 - 251 sets unlimited mode
Maximum Number of Uses
Disable PAD reload Disable Medic PAD refill
Gun can self reload Medic Device can self refill
Enable Virtual Clips Device reuse time
0..255 seconds
Initial Virtual Clips
0..251 - 251 sets unlimited mode
Medchip Recharge Time
0..255 seconds (when refilling uses)
Maximum Virtual Clips
0..251 - 251 sets unlimited mode
Medchip Recharge Time
0..255 minutes

   BMS Enable
  BMS Unlimited Uses
   BMS No Death Result
   BMS Table Bonus
   BMS Table Penalty
   BMS Scan Time
   BMS Scan Count

Play Sound on Insert
0..255 0=disabled
Daisy Chain
Mag Config Override Gun Set Data Config Mode
Reflash Gun Configs Set Device Class
Only sensor at present